From beginner to advanced, toddler to teen, Reflexions offers a facility and staff ready to boost your tumbling to the next level. Learn the basics, such as walkovers, round offs, and handstands. Perfect your advanced acro skills, like aeriels, tucks, layouts, and contortion moves. Check our Fall calendar for open gyms, too!


Level 1 Tumbling: Learn the basics! In Level 1, students are introduced to bridges, forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, kickovers, and more!

Prerequisite: Nothing but the desire to learn and have fun!



Level 2/3  Tumbling: Students perfect the skills from Level 1 and progress to roundoffs and walkovers. Students begin learning back and front handspring drills, handstand walking, chest holds, elbow stands, and aerials.

Prerequisite: Cartwheel, back bend stand up, kickover, 3-second handstand.



Level 3/4 Tumbling: Students master standing and roundoff back handsprings, side and front aerials, and begin learning back tuck drills. Advanced acrobatic skills are also taught.

Prerequisite: Front and back walkovers, standing and roundoff bakchandspring.