Catherine Dresbach, Owner/Artistic Director

Catherine has a strong background in acrobatics paired with a formal education in technical forms of dance. She received her BFA in Dance from Ohio University in 2003. Due to Catherine’s extensive range of knowledge in the world of dance arts, she motivates her students to be well-rounded performers with an emphasis on technical excellence.


Catherine has choreographed and rehearsed hundreds of award-winning competitive routines of all ages and all genres. She has been known to win awards for “age appropriateness” and “family-friendly” choreography and costuming. She also has been known to use unique themes and creative props!


Much of Catherine’s time is also spent instructing recreational dance and tumbling. She loves to challenge her recreational students and believes that dance is a truly wonderful way to express yourself, stay physically fit, grow your confidence, and make new friends. She often takes her recreational dancers and tumblers out into the community to perform for nursing home residents, local parades, and other fun community events.


Catherine lives in Loveland, Ohio with her husband, Rom, and their two young sons, Cole and Christopher. When she’s not dancing, she enjoys going to the playground with her boys, cooking and baking for her family, and hanging out with her four dogs

Catherine Dresbach