Tuition & Fees


School Year Recreational Class Tuition Rates (August - May)

One 45-60-minute or less class per week             $75  class/month 

One 75-90 minute class per week                    $90 class/month

Two 60-minute classes per week                      $70  class/month

Three 60-minute classes per week                   $65 class/month

Four + 60-minute classes per week                  $60 class/month

*rates per family



Summer Session Class Tuition Rates (July-August 5 weeks)

One 45-60 minute or less class per week              $95

Two 60-minute classes per week                      $180

Three 60-minute classes per week                   $275

Four 60-minute classes per week                   $350


Is your family taking more than 4 weekly recreational classes? Email for our "dedicated dance family" rate! 


Other Class Fees:

Drop-in classes (any class you attend that you are not registered for) are $20 unless otherwise specified. Special promotions will be offered for open gyms, open ballet technique, workshops, and other fun events. Check our Facebook page for more information.

There is a one-time $45.00 Registration Fee (this does not apply to special workshops, summer camps, and intensives).

Private lessons will be $30 per 30 minutes, $60 per hour.

Private Lesson Fees are to be paid to the instructor before the lesson has begun. If you schedule reoccurring private lessons, please pay the instructor in full at the beginning of each month. If you must cancel, please do so at least 6 hours in advance. If you fail to cancel 6 hours in advance, Reflexions will charge your account the cost of the private lesson.

We have a special Dedicated Dancer Discount Plan for families that spend multiple hours each week at Reflexions. Please email me for details.

Please ask about our special discounts for boys! 


Payment Options

Payments can be made by cash, check, or credit card and must be paid by the 5th of the month unless otherwise specified (see above paragraph for Summer Session payments). You can also keep a credit card on file for automatic billing at the beginning of each month. A $20 fee will be added to your account for any late payment. A $30 fee will be added to your account for any bounced checks.


Making Up Missed Classes:

One make-up class per missed class will be offered each session (monthly during the school year and twice during Summer Session). The make-up class must be scheduled within 3 weeks of the missed class or the class will be forfeited.

Withdrawing from Classes:

If you would like to withdraw from a class, Reflexions requires a 4-week notice. Please see your instructor or send an email to officially withdraw your dancer.